Consequences of rocket fire in Lviv region: 7 dead and 11 injured

18 квітня 2022р, Новини. Департамент комунікацій та внутрішньої політики, Прес-служба ОДА

This morning, at about 08:30, Lviv was attacked by missiles from the russian occupiers. Four rockets have struck the city. Unfortunately, there are casualties. This was announced at a briefing by the Head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration, Maksym Kozytsky.

"As of 12:30, it is known of 7 dead people as a result of the bombing. These are the first victims of bombings in Lviv. 11 injured persons are also known. Among them - one child. Three of those victims are in critical condition. The child has minor injuries. Data on the dead and injured may still change", stated the Head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration.

It is known that these were air-based cruise missiles. According to preliminary information, they were launched from the Caspian region. Three missiles hit warehouses, which are currently not used by the military. Fourth one has struck a service station, as a result of which 40 cars were destroyed.

Rocket attacks have caused fires across the bombed locations. They have already been completely extinguished at both sites. SES units are dismantling the blockages. Both objects are completely destroyed.

Civilian objects were damaged around the places of impact: damaged windows in houses and vehicles.

We urge our citizens! When you hear sirens, head over to the shelter immediately. It can save lives!

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